About me

// About me...

Since it is important to talk about me the right way...

... better for me to do it myself.

My experience can be summarized by:

  • 5 years of academic research in applied mathematics, optimization of complex systems, artificial intelligence and computer science.

  • 2 years at the European Commission, to develop an intelligent information system for the safety of complex industrial systems (nuclear power plants, high-speed train, complex/high critical industrial systems ...).

  • 15 years of industrial R&D in information technology and telecommunications, in large global industrial corporations in consumer and industrial electronics sectors.

  • 2 years as CIO at the French specialist of media audience measurement (television, radio, internet).

  • A significant experience of living abroad (4 years full time in Europe, outside France, and 1 year in Japan in cumulative time) and the management multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

  • An accumulated knowledge and practice of high-technologies, innovation, management of strategy, people, budget.
I am a truly European citizen, having studied and worked in many different places

Since quite a long time, I am involved in the French and International innovation and high-technologies ecosystems

AFII 2006 - French competitiveness clusters

Movie realized by the AFII (French Agency for International Investments).

This movie talks about various international investments in France in the area of telecommunication.

I am (briefly ;-) interviewed and you can see me after 2mn 18s.