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October 10, 2013
Finally back online...
Finally, the site is back online.
This has been advertised on my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
It is now hosted by OVH.COM.
August 26, 2013
Audience measurement...
Implementation of Google Analytics tags on all the pages.
The results are kept confidential for my private use only.
I have also access to the log file of the connections from the provider (OVH.COM) that contains the IP address of your machine and the id of the pages you access.
This information is kept confidential and for my private use only.
This information will not be used for mailing purpose nor for any kind of commercial campaign.
This information will not be sold nor transferred to any third party.
The purpose for me is to understand which are the most visited (and hopefully interesting) pages of this site in order to enhance it and make it more appealing.
August 17, 2013
Back to life...
This Website is back to life. It is redesigned with BlueGriffon 1.7.2 (http://bluegriffon.org/) as an editor.

The template is "Emplode" from Arcsin (http://templates.arcsin.se/emplode-website-template/). The author is Viktor Persson (http://arcsin.se/).

This template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License (http://templates.arcsin.se/license/).