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Stephane is very special in identifying the right person for the right job. Apart from being an excellent manager, he is a technical leader and a strong motivator. He is very comfortable in managing the teams in a dynamic – and global – surrounding. His ever-encouraging spirit and
ready-to-respond nature provides a conducive atmosphere to perform better in an innovative and fast-paced environment. I consider myself fortunate to have worked under his responsibility.

— Nestor Mariyasagayam
    Research Engineer, Hitachi Europe, Sophia-Antipolis, France
    December 2010

I had the great chance to work under Stephane at Hitachi Europe when he was the lab manager ... I learned a lot from him and from his exceptional experience.
Stephane is excellent in management and business, but not only. He is also an excellent scientist … it is always nice when discussing with him research issues, even at technical level. He always comes out with interesting and valuable feedback.

— Hamid Menouar,
    Product Manager - R&D Expert at Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC),
    Doha, Qatar
    October 2010

J'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer Stéphane Amarger lors de mes activités de développement du réseau national ITS France (systèmes de transport intelligents) ; il y représentait alors Hitachi Europe Ltd.
Stéphane fait aujourd'hui partie des plus importants experts ITS en Europe. Il maîtrise parfaitement les circuits institutionnels liés à la R&D et dispose d'une sérieuse expérience dans le domaine opérationnel du marketing.
Stéphane possède aussi une grande expérience des relations d'affaires avec les Japonais, ayant travaillé pour le centre R&D de Canon (Bretagne) puis plus récemment celui d'Hitachi Europe (Sophia Antipolis).
Stéphane Amarger devrait ainsi poursuivre une belle carrière facilitant ainsi le rapprochement des relations Europe-Japon dans le domaine des innovations technologiques.

— Stéphane Péan
    International Project Manager
    Toyota Motor Corporation (Headquarter), Toyota City, Japan
    August 2010

Stephane has an excellent professional and technical background. I know him since many years during my assignment as the General Manager of the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium. His positive spirit, his attitude and his extraordinary communications skills makes him to a very special personality. He is a pleasant colleague and partner to work with him and he has an excellent network. Stephane was the acting Laboratory Manager of Hitachi Europe when I was the General Manager of the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium. I highly recommend him as a very credible partner and colleague during my assignment.
Stephane and I still in contact and we keep a good company and friendly relationship together. It was an honour and a pleasure to work with him. 

— Rudolf Mietzner
    MIRU Consulting / Telecom / Telematics / M2M / iMobility, Munich, Germany
    April 2009

Stéphane is a very smart, well organized professional manager with a high technical skill.
His technical expertise and his ability to manage a team of collaborators has impressed me during our collaboration period.
He is some kind of example to follow (working hard with a "never give up" mind) and his attitude generates the motivation.
Thanks to his wide experience, he can manage projects in lots of technical domains, giving the possibility to extend the application field of some technologies through technologies combination and technical transfer process.
Furthermore, our human relationships during our collaboration was excellent.
Considering this, I do recommend Stéphane for any technical leadership position dealing with Research and Development for applied technologies.

Philippe Loiseau
    Head of Solar Centre of Excellence - Technical manager of Engineering
    ENEL Green Power France, Lyon, France
    October 2008

Innovation and responding to market and customer needs: this is what motivates Stephane.
His integrity and focus on customer success let him have a broad and very objective approach on what to do within the R&D and Innovation realm.
He keeps his eyes open to changes and leverages very well both industrial and academic partnerships in order to maximize the impact for his company.
Definitely a solid and reliable partner.

Massimo Lucchina
    Director Engineering at Cisco Systems, Zurich, Switzerland
    September 2008

Stéphane combines an open mind and curiosity on new technologies with a professional network that reveal how valued he is by his colleagues and industry peers. It's always a pleasure to collaborate with Stéphane and his Lab team.

— Vincent Franceschini
    CTO - Intelligent Data Fabrics at Hitachi Data Systems, Santa Clara, USA
    August 2008

I know Stephane from collaborating with researchers working under his direct responsibility, as well as from formulating and formalising formal research collaboration contracts between a team in his laboratory and my team.

Stephane is a rare breed of manager: while his primary responsibility is administrative and strategic (and, from what I know, he does that very well), he has preserved a well developed technical curiosity and understands the technical subjects that are being investigated by his laboratory. This makes him an ideal interlocutor in any kind of research and technical collaboration, and it is always a pleasure to work with Stephane and his teams.

— Thomas Heide Clausen
    Faculty at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France
    March 2008

Stephane's strongest point in managing people is that it allows people around him to take initiatives without ever losing focus of the things that need to be done. It is also supportive of their request that he considers as fair. I strongly recommend him for any management job.

Spyros Denazis
    Assistant Professor at University of Patras
    Patras, Greece
    January 2008

Stephane is a precious asset. He masters combinations rarely found in the business, such as for example being an extremely efficient manager, and at the same time being a person who understands what research is, and what researchers need. A great value.

Emmanuel Baccelli
    Researcher at INRIA, Paris, France
    January 2008

Stephane is a rare manager who takes care of both scientific excellence and exciting business. I am looking forward the next collaboration with him and his company on wireless and vehicular technology.

— Philippe Jacquet
    Research Director at INRIA, Paris, France
    January 2008

Stephane has through hard work and great detemination made Hitachi's Sophia Antipolis Lab into a success story. Under his ledareship the lab has grown both in staurre and in manpower and it now particpates in a series of EU reserch projects. The lab is very well respected within DG INFSO of the European Commission and much of the credit for this success must be attributed to Stephane.

— Jesper Holmberg
    Founder & Managing Director at Brussels Direct, Brussels, Belgium
    January 2008