Privacy policy

// Privacy policy related to the content

What is the source of the information?

All the information contained in this Web site comes from me.
If you believe that some of them are wrong or incorrect, feel free to contact and request more details.

What can I do with this information?

You can quote me and the content of this Web site, but I would request you inform me before hand.
I need to know, before giving my formal agreement, to understand the context and the motivation of the usage of the information contained in this Web site.

Is it a personal or a professional Website?

Even-though this Web site contains information about my professional activities, this is a personal initiative.
This is not commercial Web site. I have nothing to sell. You won't find any advertisement. You won't find any request for access code.

What about the confidentiality?

All the information contained in this Web site is public domain and nothing is classified under any kind of confidentiality agreement.

Any intellectual property issue?

All intellectual property information related information disclosed in this Web site is covered by a published patent or is public domain.
The list of the concerned patents can be found here.
The list of public domain information can be found here.

Is there a copyright on the information?

All the information being my property, I just request to quote the source, either quoting my name or linking to the right page of the Web site.

Can I link to this Website?

Yes. Please do...

Do you track my visits?

Yes and no. All the pages are referenced with a Google Analyics tag.
The results are kept confidential for my private use only.
I have also access to the Web site connection log file from the provider (OVH.COM) that contains the IP address of your machine and the page you access.
This information is kept confidential and for my private use only.
None of this information will be use for spamming purpose nor for any kind of commercial campaign.
The purpose for me is to understand which are the most visited (and hopefully interesting pages) of this site in order to enhance it and make it more appealing.

Do I leave traces?

No. I am not using any cookies.